Flash-Free Portrait Photography
How to Shoot Awesome Portraits in Natural Light

Why Shoot Portraits With Natural Light?

There are many reasons why photographers  choose to shoot natural light portraits rather than with strobes/flashes or other sources of artificial light. Here's some of them:

  • Personal preferences or the preferences or expectations of clients and others.
  • Creative/artistic expression.
  • Practicality, opportunity, time, money, availability of gear.
  • Being uncomfortable using flashes and strobes.

"Flash-Free Portrait Photography: How to Shoot Awesome Portraits in Natural Light " provides you with what you need to know for shooting memorable, professional-quality, stand-out portraits in natural light. From gear to camera settings and exposure, finding and seeing the best light, composition and on to working with your subjects and more-- It's all here.

Whether you're shooting seniors, business portraits, head shots for actors or others,  babies and kids, engagement photos, fashion or glamour models, family portraits, images for social media or portraits of any sort, this eBook steps you through the approaches and techniques you need to learn and know about for shooting awesome portraits in natural light.

"Flash-Free Portrait Photography: How to Shoot Awesome Portraits in Natural Light " utilizes the principles of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and Ockham's Razor  (The simplest method, explanation, process, or way to do something is usually the correct one) in its approach. It encourages you (and shows you how) to apply those same principles to shooting portraits of all kinds in natural light.

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This Book Will Help You Learn to Shoot Terrific Portraits of All Kinds in Nearly Any Natural Light Situation!

Whether you want to learn how to shoot memorable natural-light portraits with the minimum essentials -- you, your camera, your subject -- or by employing reflectors, scrims, flags, filters, and more, this 115 page eBook, featuring plenty of photos, illustrations, and diagrams, will guide you through simple and easy-to-employ methods you can integrate into your daylight production workflows now.  You'll learn how to:
  • Decide What Gear is Right for You. (What You Need, What You Don't, How and When to Employ it.)

  • Select and Use the Best Camera Settings. (That Are Best-Suited to Natural Light Portraiture.)

  • Find and See the Light. (Take Advantage of a Wide Variety of Natural Light Conditions.)

  • Include Compositional Elements Especially Appropriate for  Natural Light Portraiture.

  • Quickly and Easily Adapt to Most Any Daylight Scenario.

  • Choose the Right Times and Places Best Matching the Purpose and Intent of Your Portraits.

  • Take Advantage of Various Sky and Weather Conditions.

  • Work Effectively With Your Subjects.
Right up front to get you started, this eBook offers Seven Tips for Better Natural Light Portraits. Eight chapters and plenty of detailed information later, it concludes with a condensed, point-by-point, bullet-style recap of all the information covered plus Nine More Suggestions you can and should incorporate into all your portrait photography.

Whatever natural light conditions you're faced with and regardless of the type or purpose of the portrait, "Flash-Free Portrait Photography: How to Shoot Awesome Portraits in Natural Light"  reveals the best and simplest proven techniques for taking advantage of available natural light, to enhance and control it, to frame your images, work with your subjects, and to get the shots!

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