Location Flash
How to Shoot Awesome Portraits Combining Natural and Artificial Light

Why Add Flash to Natural Light?

There are many reasons why photographers  choose to add flash to natural light. Here are a few of them:
  • Creating a specific look or style.
  • Shooting at times of day, in weather conditions, or at locations where the available light needs help.
  • Filling unwanted shadows, balancing with the ambient daylight, adding highlights where none are present.
  • Using reflectors, scrims, and flags alone isn't practical or won't create the sorts of images you want to capture.
  • Freezing motion or adding other motion effects.
  • Making production of daylight portrait images more efficient.

"Location Flash" provides you with what you need to know for shooting memorable, professional-quality, stand-out portraits when adding flash to natural light.

From gear, camera settings, and exposure,  to improving the existing light, understanding how aperture and shutter are closely related yet serve distinct purposes when adding flash, enhancing your flash-added natural-light portraits by manipulating Depth of Field, and on to creating and refining your location flash lighting strategies, it's all covered in this one, simple-to-understand and put-into-practice ebook!

Whether you shoot weddings and events, babies, kids, seniors, families, entertainers, models, business and professional people, or any sort of daylight portraits, Location Flash will help you "Up!" your portrait-shooting game, guiding you on the road to consistently capturing awesome portraits of all kinds!


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Your portrait subjects will virtually POP! from the background when you learn to skillfully and creatively add the power of flash to your daylight portraits! 

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Improve Your Daylight Portraits! Elevate Your Skills Using the Power,
Versatility, and Efficiency of Flash Added to Natural Light!

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Only $9.95 (U.S.)

This eBook Will Help You Learn to Shoot Terrific Portraits of All Kinds When Adding Flash to Natural Light!

Whether you want to learn how to shoot memorable natural-light portraits with the help of small flash instruments and the minimum essentials -- you, your camera, a a speedlight, and your subject -- or by using additional gear or more powerful studio strobes, this eBook, featuring plenty of photos and illustrations to underscore its text, will guide you through simple and easy-to-employ techniques and strategies you can quickly integrate into your daylight production workflows.

You'll Learn to:
  • Decide What Gear You Need, What You Don't, and When to Employ Flash When Shooting in Daylight.
  • Ask Yourself Three Simple Questions Before Adding Flash to Daylight and Learn the Four Most Common Reasons for Doing So.
    • Use Flash to Create Any of the Six Classic Portrait Styles.
    • Understand the Important Relationship (and Difference!) Between Aperture and Shutter When Adding Flash to  Daylight Portraiture.
    • Manipulate Depth of Field to Enhance and Improve Your Location Flash Portraits.
    • Use White Balance Settings to Create Consistency of Color Quality.
    • Learn to Drag the Shutter and Use Flash with Second Curtain Sync to Produce Dynamic Motion Images.
    • Discover Ways of Adding Flash to Your Daylight Production Workflow to Make it Easier, Simpler, and More Efficient While Still Capturing the Images You Want to Create!

    Whatever natural light conditions you're faced with and regardless of the types or purposes of the portraits you're shooting, "Location Flash: How to Shoot Awesome Portraits Combining Natural and Artificial Light"  reveals the best and simplest proven techniques and strategies for taking advantage of available natural light and enhancing, modifying, and improving it with flash devices!

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